Warranty Conditions


All Products are covered by the warranty for the period specified in the technical sheets. During the warranty period, defects caused by production and workmanship will be repaired by Çizgi Teknoloji and products that cannot be repaired will be replaced with new ones. Non-warranty situations are; damage caused by accidents, disasters, misuse, sudden voltage changes, insufficient electrical installation, poor or faulty grounding, unauthorized third party intervention on products, operating system and software applications. In the case of Videowall Systems, the color or brightness of the new screen is not guaranteed after replacement of the malfunctioned screens.

Within the warranty, the repair location of the products is the Technical Service Area of Çizgi Teknoloji. The warranty of the replaced parts of the products is up to the remaining warranty period of the product. The warranty is limited to the product and does not cover the loss of value added due to the use of the product.

Any defects that may arise after the equipment is exposed to applications other than the instructions for use after start-up are not covered by the warranty.

Technical service shall not be provided for the products which have been destroyed the date of manufacture, the model number of the device and the identity plate on which the serial number is located.

The warranty will be void if tampering with product serial numbers is detected. The transportation costs of the devices sent to the technical service and returned to the customer belong to the customer.

Devices will only be transported in the original box. Çizgi Teknoloji is not responsible for any damage that may occur during transportation.

Maintenance and support services for software products are provided under the maintenance agreement.


The period of the first intervention and fault detection of the devices opened for service within or outside the warranty period is maximum 5 working days from the date the call is opened; After obtaining customer approval for repair and parts replacement, repair and parts replacement is maximum 15 days.

Service hours, except public holidays; Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00.

If on-site service is requested, the days and hours on which this service will be provided are excluded from public holidays; weekdays Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00.

Special charges will apply if service is requested outside these hours.


There is 5 year spare parts supply warranty for malfunctioning products and a 5 year equivalent spare parts operation warranty.


Please contact us for information about the products or for technical support.