How to choose the right Industrial Panel PC?

How to choose the right Industrial Panel PC?

What is Industrial Panel PC?

Industrial Panel PCs are designed to be used in difficult environments such as factories and production facilities; They are preferred for use in production data collection, process analysis and control, operator panel applications, machine and process automation applications.

As Çizgi Teknoloji, we serve to increase production efficiency and reduce cost and energy usage in many leading industrial sectors such as automotive, white goods and textiles with our Artech™ Industrial Computer Solutions.

What is the difference between Industrial Grade and Consumer Grade PC?

Industrial-grade PCs are designed to operate full-time and 24/7 smoothly in harsh industrial environments (temperature, dust, humidity, vibration) where consumer-grade PCs cannot demonstrate proficiency and full efficiency. For this reason, industrial-grade PCs should be installed in demanding industrial production environments instead of consumer-grade PCs to increase production efficiency.

How to choose Industrial Panel PC and what features should be considered?

In order to choose the most accurate Industrial Panel PC, you must first determine the purpose and the environment in which it will be used. As Çizgi Teknoloji, we make field exploration in your facility so that you can choose the most accurate Industrial Panel PC and we recommend the Artech™ Industrial Panel PC model that will provide you optimum benefit.

The following points should be considered in choosing Industrial Panel PC for your industrial production area.


When choosing Industrial Panel PC; It is important to choose a processor at the level appropriate for the operating system, software, location and purpose to be used. Processors used in Industrial Panel PCs must withstand harsh environmental conditions such as temperature and vibration.

Our Artech ™ Industrial Panel PC series offer different generation of fanless processors, ranging from Intel® Celeron® level to iCore® level for Windows®-based applications to ARM® Cortex series for Android®-based applications.

Temperature of Your Working Environment

While consumer-grade computers show durability at 35 °C, Artech™ Industrial Panel PCs have a structure that operates smoothly 24/7 in 60°C environments. All of our product models are industrial grade SSD resistant up to 70°C operating temperature and industrial grade RAM up to 80°C operating temperature.

Liquid Protection Required for Your Work Environment

All of our Artech™ Industrial Panel PC series are at least IP65 front face protection class. If you have a wet, wash-free industrial working environment, our Artech™ WPC-400 series will be the right choice with IP67 front face protection.

Dust Protection Required for Your Work Environment

The decision to use or not to use fans in Industrial Panel PCs mainly depends on the amount of dirt and dust in the environment.

In a dirty and dusty production area, a fanless Panel PC is the ideal choice as it is completely sealed. Since this Panel PCs do not have air discharge, dirt and dust cannot get inside. Performance Series IPC-700, Endurance Series IPC-400, Ultimate Series IPC-600 models from our Artech™ Industrial Panel PCs work with maximum performance in demanding industrial environments with their fanless, fully enclosed, dust protected, industrial type stainless steel metal bodies. It reduces your energy consumption by emitting less heat with.


Factors such as the area where your panel PC will be located, the amount of information to be displayed on the screen, and from which distance this information can be viewed stand out in the selection of the screen size, resolution and ratio.

Our Artech™ Industrial Panel PC series have 10'' / 15'' / 17'' / 21'' TFT screen size, screen resolution up to FullHD, 4: 3 and 16: 9 screen ratio options.

Depending on the usage conditions such as heavy chemical, heavy duty gloves and environmental conditions, we also offer different touch screen options, including Resistive and Capacitive, and the built-in Industrial Membrane Keypad Keyboard and Touchpad option in our Artech™ Industrial PC series.

Our Artech™ Basic Series IPC-500 models are Resistive, Endurance Series IPC-400 models are Resistive Flat Touch, Performance Series IPC-700 models are Capacitive Multi-Touch and Ultimate Series IPC-600 models are 3mm. Resistive and Capacitive Flat Touch technology options with its screen strengthened against impacts. Industrial Membrane Keypad Keyboard and Touchpad option is offered with our Endurance Series IPC-415E model.

Shock, Impact, Vibration Protection

Resistance to shock, impact and vibration, which is very common in industrial and production environments, is an important criterion that affects the life of the product.

The disc drives of our Artech™ Industrial PC series are mounted with shock absorbers providing cushioning and mechanical insulation. Cables used in the internal structure of the products that may be exposed to friction due to vibration are shielded. All sockets and connections are with locking sockets. With these features, our Artech™ Industrial PC series have high shock, impact and vibration resistance and long working life.

Easy Removable and Replaceable Disk Slot

Failure of disk images or hard disks is one of the problems that can cause loss of production and time in computers used in industrial environments. To solve this problem, it may be necessary to copy the image in the field or disassemble the device. Such interventions can lead to longer production stoppages, other malfunction risks due to environmental conditions, and additional technical personnel costs to do this.

Easy Removable and Replaceable Disk Slot in our Artech™ Endurance Series IPC-400 and Ultimate Series IPC-600 models, you can intervene immediately without stopping your production line and eliminate the failure without any loss of production with a disk change lasting up to 15 seconds.

In an ordinary Industrial Panel PC, an average of 15 minutes of disk replacement takes only 15 seconds with Artech™ technology.


Deciding whether your Panel PC will be embedded in a kiosk or machine, whether it will be mounted on a wall or not, depending on your work area, is a situation that needs to be discovered and decided before purchasing, not when the system arrives and is ready for installation.

If the Panel PC you have chosen for your facility will be embedded in a kiosk, it is important to choose the correct panel size and depth. With Artech ™ Industrial Kiosks, we offer solutions suitable for Panel PCs you want to be embedded.

If your panel PC will be mounted on a wall, stand or pendant arm, it is important that its mounting is VESA compatible. All our Artech ™ models are suitable for VESA mounting.

If your machines require a Panel PC to be embedded in the surface, you must choose a Panel PC with the panel mounting option. All our Artech ™ models have designs and accessories suitable for panel mounting.

After Sales Technical Services

Industrial Panel PCs are an important investment required for Industry 4.0 and digitization applications of your facility, providing the interaction between these applications and your operators.

As Çizgi Teknoloji, we deliver our Artech™ Industrial Panel PC solutions to our customers with a warranty of up to 3 years and a spare parts supply of up to 5 years.

We offer products with sustainable, trouble-free working performance with quarter-century industrial system technologies, domestic production experience, competent and fast technical service.

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