Why should Artech Medical Computer be preferred in places where hygiene is important such as hospitals, operating rooms, intensive care and patient rooms?

Why should Artech Medical Computer be preferred in places where hygiene is important such as hospitals, operating rooms, intensive care and patient rooms?

Nowadays, processing, recording, tracking and easily accessing to retrospective data with the computers used in hospitals help the implementation of the right treatments and reduce the errors. Thanks to advances in technology, the relationship of trust between healthcare professionals and patients is gradually increasing.

Choices to be made in the use of technology are very important. For example, computers that are not designed for their intended use and purpose can create unforeseen risks for hospitals. It is important to know the differences between the solutions created with consumer-grade computers and Artech Medical computers, and use the computers according to these differences. Although consumer-class computers are attractive in terms of price and accessibility in the short term, but they can become very costly in the long term.

Differences between Artech Medical Computers and Consumer Class Computers;

1. Antimicrobial Surface

Invisible agents such as germs, bacteria, viruses are found on highly touched surfaces such as computers. These touched areas are well suited to be hidden breeding and spreading areas for all kinds of bacteria and pathogens. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic process we are in, it is much better understood how important sterilization is in crowded areas such as hospitals. For this reason, the best way to protect against the spread of infection is to place Medical Computers with an Antimicrobial surface to help prevent the spread of infections in areas that need to be sterile, such as patient rooms, intensive care rooms, operating room. Antimicrobial surfaced Medical computers significantly help prevent dangerous surface contamination.

Artech Medical Computers, which are waterproof and leak-proof and have IP65 screen protection class, designed for sterile areas, can be disinfected more comprehensively than a consumer-grade computer, as they are designed for sterile hospital environments.

2. IP65 Protected Front Frame

Artech Medical computers have a front frame with IP65 level protection against dust and water. This way, disinfectant fluids can be sprayed directly onto the screen. When you examine a consumer-grade computer, you will see roughness or surface details along the body and frame where bacteria can be protected from special disinfectants and wiping operations. The roughness or indentations that will prevent or make it difficult for the disinfectants to penetrate for cleaning are not available in Artech Medical Computers.
When chemicals such as disinfectants are applied to consumer-grade displays, their protection levels are low, so they can leak into the components and cause the computer to malfunction or shorten its life. Consumer-class computers, which can fail in an emergency, can be costly to healthcare facilities.

3. Fanless Design

Fans in consumer-grade computers distribute dust, microbes and bacteria to the air, which should never be in sterile environments. For this reason, it is preferable to use computers with fanless design in clean rooms where sterilization is vital. In addition, it is important for the computers in the patient or intensive care rooms to work silently, so that the patient in the room can rest tranquilly. Artech Medical Computers work quietly with their fanless design and prevent microbial contaminants from being transported or spread to sterile rooms.

4. IEC60601-1 Standard and EEC93-42 Medical Device Conformity Certificate - Protection for Patient

The electrical equipment used during surgery has a high potential to affect the patient and the consequences of a small electrical failure may be severe. Connecting a consumer-grade computer that does not have the same standard and certificate to a medical device with EEC93-42 certification that complies with the IEC60601-1 standard will break the medical device chain and make the system vulnerable to life. For this reason, you can protect both your patients and your hospital from damage that cannot be taken back by providing Artech medical computer with EEC93-42 Medical Device Compliance Certificate, complying with EEC-60601 standards and electrical and magnetic compatibility.

5. Imaging

Artech Medical computers have high imaging quality, proper graphics processor, CPU performance, screen display and software compatibility as a whole. While it perfectly visualizes the details for surgeons during the surgery, it significantly increases the success of the surgeries by allowing the surgeons to concentrate more on the patient. Because, with appropriate software and high resolution screens, it makes it easier for specialists to see and examine medical images while increasing their detection speeds and making diagnosis easier.

DICOM Preset feature on Artech Medical computers provide a platform for viewing PACS files containing medical images such as ultrasound and radiology. With PACS integration, the camera images of the patients' surgical procedures can be recorded and archived. Artech Medical Computers provides easy and fast access to all medical information needed during and after surgery. In this way, the healthcare team can quickly and easily access all the information they need as soon as they focus their attention on the patient for diagnosis and monitoring. Artech Medical Computers can archive the operations performed with the recording of medical camera images, so that it can be presented for educational purposes or as a case study in congresses.

6. Software

Artech Medical Computers, which can integrate your hospital with the HIS system, patient records are processed quickly and patient privacy is protected.
One of the biggest differences of Artech Medical Computers from consumer-grade computers is that, it has material and consumable tracking modules over its Imaging, Camera and Video Management, Image Transfer, Recording and Archiving, Internal Barcode and RFID system.
These modules provide the benefits that a consumer-grade computer cannot provide by ensuring patient safety, more efficient use of surgical staff, reduced time and material costs, consultation in instantaneous emerging situations, and record the surgery for make the most accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.

7. Sustainability and Technical Service

With its modular and maintenance-free structure, Artech Medical Computers provides a fast and uninterrupted technical service with up to 3 years warranty and 5 years spare parts support.

8. Conclusion

Medical computers are a costly investment, but provide a high return of investment. The Artech medical computer is compatible with your existing technology network and software and can be configured for future applications. This computer hardware is essential for a hospital or clinic to perform patient monitoring to the highest possible standard. Designed to protect patients and hospitals and to be long-lasting. By investing in Artech Medical Computers you can save time and future costs and promote the trust and satisfaction of patients, as well as increasing the reputation of the healthcare provider.

Detailed information about Artech Medical Computers; https://www.artech-ipc.com.tr/product-group/en/medical-computer-products


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