OR Integration System - Digital Negatoscope & Telemedicine System


Artech Digital Negatoscope and Telemedicine system, designed in accordance with operating room conditions, provides easy and fast access to surgical procedures, PACS images and medical information needed during surgery.

Telemedicine system allows the transfer of medical information for consultation, diagnosis or training between specialists located inside and outside the operating room.

  • Possibility to make consultations for sudden emerging situations, thus enabling hospitals to easily incorporate new procedures into their systems.
  • Allows surgeons to access new procedures without leaving their work places.

Other Benefits of Artech Digital Negatoscope and Telemedicine System;

  • Patient Safety
  • More Efficient Use of Operating Room Staff
  • Cost Reduction with Time, Material and Billing Management
  • Increased Success Rates in Surgeries
  • Parallel Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Increasing Preference and Use Rate of the Operating Room
  • Creating Hospital Archives for Education and Congress Purposes


  • Imaging 
  • Camera and Video Management
  • Recording and Archiving 
  • Image Transfer 


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