Artech Solutions to Digitize Education

Digitalization, which has an effect in every aspect of life, ensures an increase in quality and efficiency in the education sector.

Artech Smart Digital Lectern solution, which is located in newly equipped smart classrooms, the classroom environment becomes more active. With Smart Digital Lectern in the classrooms, lecture notes can be projected on the screen with a single click, lecturers and teachers can connect their laptops or portable devices to the input on the Artech Smart Digital Lectern and project images on a projection or touch screen.

Self-Service Kiosk for Student Affairs solution, which is positioned in educational institutions to reduce the density, is the solutions we have developed to speed up the transactions of students and employees, increase interaction and trust between the student and the institution.

Survey Kiosk solutions, you can conduct in-house surveys on various issues and get fast results and offer reliable solutions to the students or employees.

The Queue Management and Self Service Transaction Kiosk solution is effective in providing a better service and accelerating the process by keeping the social distance by placing the Kiosks in the places where the density is high.

Videowall solution increases communication efficiency in conference and meeting halls as well as informative and promotional activities, with its structure that can be increased to the desired size with the combination of multiple screens with a higher quality image with higher resolution.

Door Information Display solutions, which are suitable for architectural decoration and can be designed specifically for your needs, are positioned at the entrances of areas such as classrooms, conference rooms, laboratories and ensure the publication of the daily program.

Elevator Information Display Solutions; With the ability to publish different contents, to manage the contents remotely, making the time spent in the elevator more efficient and enjoyable and allows you to reach your target audience effectively.

Indoor and Outdoor Totem solutions can carry out your advertising, promotion and information activities and publish content in many formats.


    • Educational Institutions
    • Classrooms
    • Auditoriums
    • Foyer Areas
    • Student Administration Offices
    • Financial Affairs Offices
    • Food Courts
    • Elevator Cabs




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