artech Offers Special Solutions for Entertainment Sector

We increase the customer satisfaction with our solutions that digitize the entertainment industry.

Videowall solution can be increased to the desired size with the combination of multiple screens and helps you to make the event areas more impressive with visual shows with its structure that allows to obtain a higher quality image at higher resolution.

Professional Information Display solution can be designed specifically for your needs and can carry out the internal information and promotion activities instantly and effectively.

Door Information Display solutions can be tailored to your needs; and can quickly inform the program of cinema, theater and conference halls.

Elevator Information Display solutions; With the ability to publish different contents, to manage the contents remotely, making the time spent in the elevator more efficient and enjoyable and allows you to reach your target audience effectively. 

Transaction and Queue Management Kiosks placed where the density is high; offers solutions that are effective in low cost, a better service by keeping the social distance at a regular level, keeping the queue of people waiting comfortably.

Wayfinding Kiosks are the solution that allows people to reach their destination in the fastest and easiest way by positioning them at the points where the density is high.

With Customer Satisfaction Kiosk, you can determine the factors affecting customer satisfaction and offer fast and reliable solutions.



    • Shopping Malls
    • Entertainment Centers
    • Cinema - Theatre Halls
    • Concert Areas
    • Food Courts
    • WC




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