artech Offers Special Solutions For Industry

As Çizgi Teknoloji, we provide services with our Artech ™ Industrial Computer Solutions to increase production efficiency and reduce cost and energy use in many leading industrial sectors such as automotive, white goods, petrochemical, machinery, medicine and textile.

Industrial grade PCs are designed to work 24/7 with full performance under adverse industrial environment conditions such as high temperature and humidity, dust, liquid contact, vibration, impact where consumer grade PCs cannot show strength and full efficiency.

Artech IPC Basic, Endurance, Performance and Ultimate Series Panel PCs; are touch panel computers that provide sustainable high performance in heavy industrial environment conditions in order to increase your production efficiency and reduce your cost and energy usage.

Industrial Barebone PCs are solutions developed for the operation of the facility with resistance to industrial conditions, trouble-free operation performance, competent and fast technical service.

Industrial Monitors are our industrial grade LCD display solutions designed for digital information and corporate communication applications.

Industrial Kiosk is designed as a single piece with its touch screen, can be positioned in many industrial areas such as production facilities and provides high performance and strength.

Digital Andon Screens, which can be placed inside the facility and in the production area, can be used to record various data collected from production, OEE values, targeted and actual production quantities, counter conditions, etc. It allows the broadcasting of important information such as line or hall.



    • Industrial Areas
    • Factories
    • Manufacturing Plants




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