Artech Offers Special Solutions For Retailing

Artech digital solutions, which are positioned at sales points such as shopping malls and stores, both shorten the transactions of your customers, increase their satisfaction and your preference by gaining admiration with its innovative designs.

Artech TVM and Pos Kiosks offers ease of payment such as ticket sales and reservations, invoices or debt inquiries, internet banking and provides more efficient use of human resources while offering smart solutions to your customers.

Videowall solution increases communication efficiency in promotional activities. It helps you to make the areas more impressive with visual shows with its structure that can be increased to the desired size with the combination of multiple screens and provide higher quality images with higher resolution.

Wayfinding Kiosks are our solution that allows people to reach their destination in the fastest and easiest way by positioning them at the points where the density is high.

Elevator Information Displays that can be designed specifically for your architectural design, can provide instant and effective information flow about in-house information, advertising and promotional activities during the time spent in elevators.

With the Customer Satisfaction Kiosk solution, you can easily and quickly determine the factors affecting customer satisfaction by conducting surveys and offer fast and reliable solutions.

Indoor and Outdoor Totem solutions, with durable and aesthetic design, is a digital information solution that allows you to carry out your advertising, promotion and information activities and publish content in many formats without being affected by environmental conditions.

Professional Information Displays, are digital information solution that enables you to reach your target audience quickly and effectively for your advertising, promotion and information activities.


    • Shopping Malls
    • Stores
    • External Areas of Shopping Malls
    • Elevator Cabins




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