Smart City

artech Offers Special Solutions for Smart Cities

The life in cities progresses very fast and the need to ensure the well-being of city residents in a sustainable way has a great importance. Based on this motivation, as Çizgi Teknoloji, we offer our innovative solutions with user-friendly, ergonomic design, so that people living in cities can complete their processes in a fastest way.

We offer solutions to make city life easier.

Artech Transaction and Queue Management Kiosks are placed in crowded areas; offers solutions that are effective in low cost, a better service by keeping the social distance at a regular level, keeping the queue of people waiting comfortably,

Videowall Solutions, which can be increased to the desired size with the combination of more than one screen, and helps you to make the event areas more impressive with visual shows, with its structure that allows you to obtain higher quality images with higher resolution,

Professional Information Display Solutions can be designed specifically for your needs and enable you to carry out the in-house information and promotional activities instantly and effectively,

Info Kiosk Solutions make passenger information and direction finding an enjoyable experience with 24/7 interactive video call technology to call centers of areas such as airports and train stations, enabling you to communicate with your customers, help and interact with them on the issues they want to support,

Wayfinding Kiosk Solutions enable visitors to reach the locations they want to go in the fastest way possible by positioning them in extensive areas,

TVM and Pos Kiosk Solutions offer ease of payment and smart solutions to ticket sales and reservation, invoice or debt inquiry and internet banking,

Vandal-resistant Indoor and Outdoor Totem Solutions offers an effective advertising, promotion and information solutions.


Smart City


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