artech Offers Special Solutions for Tourism

Door Information Displays can be specially designed for the architectural structure; It is a solution that allows you to quickly make room door numbers and hall information.

Specially designed Elevator Information Displays, can make your in-house information, promotion and advertising activities quickly and effectively during the time spent in the elevators.

Wayfinding Kiosks are solutions that allows people to reach their destination in the fastest and easiest way by positioning them at points where the density is high.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Kiosk solution, can identify factors affecting customer satisfaction and offer fast and reliable solutions.

Indoor and Outdoor Totems offer interactive, digital solutions for indoor and outdoor advertising, promotion and information with their elegant designs.

Professional Information Displays that can be specially designed for your facility, you can carry out your in-house information and promotional activities instantly and effectively.



    • Lobby
    • Facility Floors
    • Meeting / Conference Rooms
    • Elevator
    • In / Outside of the Facility
    • Restaurants
    • Foyer Areas
    • Dining Areas
    • WC




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